3 mars 2015

Chaos & Dystopia

Hello there, Stranger. What are ya' doin' here ?
Nothin', huh ? Then check out those photos of the last Chaos Warrior I was painting, seen in the last post.

I finally used a Green/White/Metallic Scheme for him, making it a bit different than the others.

I really wanted the Shield to look like that. I hope some of you will get the reference...

But I've also painted some Dystopian Wars !
It's a pretty fun game that takes place in a Steampunk Universe, around the beginning of the XXth Century. It's made by Spartan Games, creator of "Firestorm Armada". I don't know why but I love this super small scale, it makes everything more epic !
As a "Frenchy" myself, I took them to a paint test :

I've tried to do a little fake postcard...'means "Souvenirs of Victories ! For French Honor !"...Really in the Vibe of the game, in the beginning of the century.

I've bought the "Starter" pack and some blisters.

A little scale comparison of scales for every models.

And again, Goodbye Strangers !

27 févr. 2015

'Need some advice...

Another Chaos Warrior from the "Champions of Chaos" Pack, still on the GW Site.
Even if it's supposed to be a Tzeentch Character, I painted him to join my Slaanesh Warband.

Talkin' about Slaanesh...
Here are some better pics' of my Slaaneshi Beastmen. I love the first dude, so much expressions in it...with a weird "nipple armor", but still great.

And here he is with his "Little Friend". A superb (in my opinion) mini', that a lot of you, readers, may recognize.

But ! My real intention was to ask you a question : How should I paint this Warrior ?
I was thinking about Green/Turquoise, or White/Purple Combo...Or simply with a Purple/Red Metal. Tell me about it !

24 févr. 2015

Back from the Dead !

Wow, long time no see, Strangers !

I painted...well, not that much. Holydays, huh ?

But, I have a new camera, which is nice, so let me present you (again !) Dwarves and Chaos !

 " In A Small, Little Forest near Mordheim..."

"But In the Woods, Monsters are waiting behind a tree..."

Additions to my (very) little Chaos Force :

Bad guys comin' ! 

I've tried to make his armor as disgusting as I could... 'added a bit of "Nurgle's Rot" and "Blood for the Blood God". That little buddy was fun to paint, mostly because of the use of Washes and Pigments !

Down below, two of my favorites RoC Characters, that I found for a pretty cheap price on Ebay ! I tried to apply the "Three Flies for Nurgle" technique on the Nurgle Sorcerer, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result !

"It seems like we'll never see those dwarves again..."

The photos were all taken on a 30x30cm cork presentation table that I've made. I had those pieces to work with, so it was a simple and nice addition for photos ! 

And again, Bye Strangers !

8 nov. 2014

To the Battlefield, Warbands !

Hi, Stranger

So, I wanted to make a Warband ( if you need some advices about that, RoC80's will have the solution : ) and a little Table with that ( again, )

So, here are my result for a Slaaneshi Warband :

- Level 10 Sorcerer : -Beweaponed Extremities
-Spits acid

-2D6 Beastmen : 9
-2D6 Humans : 5
-2D6 Beastmen : 6

I'm actually trying to do this thing and I've already made a "Human", oh, and by the way, I'll use Chaos Warrior as Humans, I just find them more interesting and funny to paint :

I don't think we can really see  that the armor is a bit red/pink (Ahh, Washes...) and I've also put a bit of Blood Splatters on the front. I think that for a Slaaneshi, the blade is really... phallic.
Well, I'll continue to post more ( with the table included ) later, and for the moment...
Cheers, Stranger !