8 nov. 2014

To the Battlefield, Warbands !

Hi, Stranger

So, I wanted to make a Warband ( if you need some advices about that, RoC80's will have the solution : ) and a little Table with that ( again, )

So, here are my result for a Slaaneshi Warband :

- Level 10 Sorcerer : -Beweaponed Extremities
-Spits acid

-2D6 Beastmen : 9
-2D6 Humans : 5
-2D6 Beastmen : 6

I'm actually trying to do this thing and I've already made a "Human", oh, and by the way, I'll use Chaos Warrior as Humans, I just find them more interesting and funny to paint :

I don't think we can really see  that the armor is a bit red/pink (Ahh, Washes...) and I've also put a bit of Blood Splatters on the front. I think that for a Slaaneshi, the blade is really... phallic.
Well, I'll continue to post more ( with the table included ) later, and for the moment...
Cheers, Stranger !

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