8 nov. 2014

To the Battlefield, Warbands !

Hi, Stranger

So, I wanted to make a Warband ( if you need some advices about that, RoC80's will have the solution : ) and a little Table with that ( again, )

So, here are my result for a Slaaneshi Warband :

- Level 10 Sorcerer : -Beweaponed Extremities
-Spits acid

-2D6 Beastmen : 9
-2D6 Humans : 5
-2D6 Beastmen : 6

I'm actually trying to do this thing and I've already made a "Human", oh, and by the way, I'll use Chaos Warrior as Humans, I just find them more interesting and funny to paint :

I don't think we can really see  that the armor is a bit red/pink (Ahh, Washes...) and I've also put a bit of Blood Splatters on the front. I think that for a Slaaneshi, the blade is really... phallic.
Well, I'll continue to post more ( with the table included ) later, and for the moment...
Cheers, Stranger !

Slaanesh !

Hi, Stranger

In Space, no one hear you scream...of pleasure ( yeah, sorry, I had nothing else. Bad pun = Bad Comments, I guess...)

In a Grim Dark Universe, John Blanche appeared... I really wanted to do something like him for those girls, with a lot of washes, and some "Textures" Citadel paints, well, mostly "Blood for the Blood God", which was a really good surprise !

The "Older" Sister was still in WIP at the time...Ah, I love those Crab Claws ! 'Needs mayo' !

The Younger version is pretty good ( you like Slaanesh or you don't ), much finer, and fancier, with the "corsets" and the metal. Some will say the Juan Diaz version are better, but the plastic ones are, in my opinions, a great deal !

Finally, a Squad Leader with big claws ( there's even another one coming from the ground, don't ask me why, I wanted a gruesome, weird and gory part in the model. Hands coming from a yellow liquid are the perfect examples !

The Daemonettes are only three for the moment, but the force is growing, day by day...

Cheers, Stranger !

1 nov. 2014

Magic ! (Plus it's a dwarf !)

Hi, Stranger !

Here is a model that I really love, and I thought I was a good thing to talk about him.
I think it's a mini from 1985, or probably '87, I can't tell you more about it. I actually found it in the "Dwarfs Adventurers" pack, still in the GW Site ! ( )

Well, here it is :

Ah, so much Goofy, and Funny... I really like the nose, the giant beard and the Hat.
I like to think him as a drunk dwarf who found something that made him have Sorcerer powers, like the Orb, 'makes me think of Terry Pratchett !

Tell me about your feelings for this little guy in blue in the comments.

Also, don't forget to check "Oldhammer Forum", which is a great site for those Oldies and Rarities

Cheers, Stranger !

Hello World

Hello, OOP lovers to a world of-


Welcome, Adventurers, to-


Well, I guess I'll just introduce myself like this, here I am : I'm a french hobbyist, loving John Blanche, Kevin Adams or those others.
I'm a fan of about everything, from Sci-fi to Fantasy, so I'll post a bit of Things, from Citadel to Warlord Games and the others.

Yeah, I guess that's a good introduction !