27 févr. 2015

'Need some advice...

Another Chaos Warrior from the "Champions of Chaos" Pack, still on the GW Site.
Even if it's supposed to be a Tzeentch Character, I painted him to join my Slaanesh Warband.

Talkin' about Slaanesh...
Here are some better pics' of my Slaaneshi Beastmen. I love the first dude, so much expressions in it...with a weird "nipple armor", but still great.

And here he is with his "Little Friend". A superb (in my opinion) mini', that a lot of you, readers, may recognize.

But ! My real intention was to ask you a question : How should I paint this Warrior ?
I was thinking about Green/Turquoise, or White/Purple Combo...Or simply with a Purple/Red Metal. Tell me about it !

1 commentaire:

  1. don't think the first chaos warrior was specifically meant to be a tzeentch one more than anything else...
    For the other with hammer and shield though a metallic red armour could look cool but I reckon a purple and turquoise treatment like your other warriors would be just as fine. Good thing with those is that pretty much everything works.